REC Solar Installation Supports Agricultural Sustainability Efforts at Castle Rock Vineyards in Delano, CA

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–REC Solar, a leading solar electric system provider in the U.S., has announced the completion of a 1.1 MW system for Castle Rock Vineyards, located in Delano, California. The premier grape grower’s ground-mounted system, utilizing 5,400 Kyocera 210 Watt modules, covers approximately four acres to become one of the largest installations Read More

Plant City farmer lassos solar energy

By Elisabeth Parker, Times Staff Writer Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Jon Butts rolls out a grill that uses the sun’s heat. He has spent $31,500 on the solar system that helps to run his Plant City farm. Jon Butts harvests all the energy he can from the sun. He uses it to heat his water, Read More

Tour provides glimpse into energy-efficient living

Years ago, I travelled to Arizona to attend solar home tours. First it was Tucson, then a year or so later, Flagstaff and Prescott. Each one was a great experience. I met homeowners who benefitted from doing things differently. Best of all was their willingness to share their experiences with others.

SolarCity’s CEO On What’s Holding Back Solar Power In America: It’s 50 Markets, Not One

Solar City, a company that designs, installs, and leases out solar power systems to home and business owners, announced that it will bring renewable electricity to some 30 Wal-Mart stores in California and Arizona. Chief executive and founder of Solar City, Lyndon Rive [pronounced like “five”] spoke with TechCrunch about helping Wal-Mart go greener, what Read More

Arizona Needs To Spend Stimulus Funds

Arizona’s renewable energy industry could be busy over the next 18 months since deadlines are looming to spend $499 million in federal stimulus funds for energy programs. Arizona governments and companies have been awarded the funds from the U.S. Department of Energy for a total of 81 projects.