Prescott Valley Arizona Residential Homeowner Installs Solar Panels for Energy Savings

Harnessing the sun’s energy to produce usable electricity is not a concept for the future. With the installation of solar panels onto nearly any roof type, you can start saving money on your electric bill if you are currently paying $100 or more monthly. Solar panels capture the sun’s UV rays and convert them into direct current (DC) Read More

Home Owner in Casa Grande, Arizona, Goes Green for Energy Savings

Inside a solar panel are layers of opposing materials that create positive and negative charges when exposed to light. The best are called photovoltaic solar panels. The power can then be used or sent out into the public power grid for credit against the time when it is necessary to draw some back out. The net difference is Read More

Solar Panels Are the Investment of Choice for a Gilbert, Arizona, Home Owner

Photovoltaic materials produce the greatest amount of energy generation for a given area exposed to sunlight. A solar panel cell has two layers of photovoltaic materials that each produces a positive or negative charge. Solar panels are made of many cells that combine to make a large charge. The energy powers the home and the Read More

Phoenix, Arizona, Homeowner Contacts Harmon Solar Professionals to Help Install Solar Power Systems

Solar power homes are more than energy efficient homes. They generate power back into the public grid that does not create greenhouse gases and contributes to a greener world. When light strikes photovoltaic solar cells, it is converted to DC power. That is converted to alternating current that powers homes and businesses. The outgoing flow of energy can even Read More

Yuma, Arizona Homeowner Installs Solar Panels to Save Energy, the Environment, and Money

The best solar panel is photovoltaic. These are the most advanced and efficient equipment to provide excellent power generation for the solar panel cost, and durability for long life. Inside are a great many individual cells that combine to output a great deal of electric power. Each cell is made of two opposite materials that each creates either Read More

Oro Valley, Arizona, Home Will Save on Utility Bills With Green Solar Power

In solar panel cells light bounces around inside the materials and creates electrical charges. The electricity can be drawn off as DC power to store in batteries, and converted to AC power for supply to the residence or business. The extra power can be diverted out into the public power grid for savings on the electricity bill. Photovoltaic solar Read More

Tucson Arizona Residential Homeowner Installs Solar Panels for Energy Savings

The installation of solar panels can greatly minimize a home’s electric bill by converting the sun’s rays into usable electricity. Harmon Solar’s panels use photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power. The DC power is sent to an inverter and turned into usable alternating current (AC) power. When the AC power leaves the inverter box, Read More

Solar Paneling Reduces Energy Cost for Tucson Resident

Innovation is the soul of civilization, and this cannot be better epitomized than by the sweeping revolution of solar power. Once reserved for wealthy corporations and luxurious mansions, the technology of solar power is now available for use in your own home. Solar panels in themselves are a technological marvel, and now we at Harmon Solar are using them Read More

Catalina, AZ Solar Panels – Prepaid Lease Saves’ Woman $2000 per year

Solar power can result in considerable energy savings, especially in a place like Catalina, Arizona, where there is a lot of sunshine and little rain. The photovoltaic cells transform the plentiful sunlight into electricity with no pollution or waste. Modern solar panels fit close to roof lines and are both smaller and more attractive than those available in the Read More

Tucson, Arizona, Residential Homeowner Makes a Good Investment in Solar Power

The sun’s energy stirs up atoms in solar materials, and creates electrical charges that are drawn off as electricity. The most efficient kinds of solar panel materials are called photovoltaic. At Harmon Solar, we use advanced photovoltaic solar products for installations on residential and commercial structures. In Tucson, Arizona, real estate investors wanted to save on energy bills Read More