Phoenix Homeowner Partners with Government to Install Solar Panels and Gain Huge Cost Savings

When the sun penetrates advanced photovoltaic solar cells there are two opposing materials inside that generate positive and negative charges. Many cells combine to make a great deal of power. What is not used is directed into the public power grid for a credit that can be used against times when power must be drawn back out. The net Read More

Peoria, Arizona, Homeowner Installs Solar Power Systems to Save on Energy Bills

Solar panel technology is renewable, environmentally-friendly power for a home or commercial structure. Energy savings are produced without burning carbon and adding greenhouse gases to the air. Photovoltaic solar panels are highly efficient technology that converts light into electricity at a higher rate than older solar panels. The power produced is used by the residence and the remainder is put Read More

Phoenix, Arizona, Residential Home Gets Energy Savings Upgrade For the New Century

Some say this is the century of green energy, yet the green is not all in the energy, but in the hand as well. Solar panels turn light into electricity, and that can make your meter spin backwards and put green money back into your hands. The cost of installation of a solar panel can be quickly recovered and the Read More

Queen Creek, Arizona Homeowner Installs Efficient Photovoltaic Solar Panels to Defray Power Costs

Solar energy is the most abundant and renewable power source available. It even generates power on cloudy days. Two different light-sensitive materials are used that produce both positive and negative electrical charges when exposed to light. These act as the positive and negative poles of the generator. The best materials to use are called photovoltaic materials, which are exceptionally Read More