Know Your Solar Energy Company

As the push for green energy grows, Arizona residents are thinking about solar energy. But choosing a solar energy company is a big decision. It’s a major investment in your home and requires expertise in construction, electrical, roofing and other building disciplines. It’s not a job that you want to turn over to any “Chuck Read More

Solar Industry: If it Sounds Too Good

We’ve all heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous companies out there that will promise people just about anything to make a sale and then not deliver on their promise. In the solar industry it is extra important that you are cautious about who Read More

5 Reasons Why Customers Seek Solar

Homeowners throughout the Phoenix area are turning to solar power to reduce their energy bills. Why are so many people making the move to solar? And more importantly, should you choose solar for your home? With a locally owned, reliable solar installation company like Harmon Solar, you can install solar panels on your home with Read More

Why Solar Energy Matters to Homeowners

Arizona has become one of the forerunning states in solar power usage. With the rising cost of electricity and the resulting higher energy bills, especially during the summer months when air conditioner and pool pump usage peaks, it makes sense that many Arizonans use one of nature’s commodities for their energy needs.   Most homeowners Read More