Is Your House a Candidate for Solar?

Does your house use electricity? Then it may be a good candidate for a home solar system. Well, perhaps that’s a little too simple. There are some things you should take into consideration if you’re thinking about solar power for your home. For your home solar system, partner with Harmon Solar, a locally owned, highly Read More

7 Benefits of Going Solar

Converting your home to solar power is a big decision for most homeowners. To make the switch, choose an experienced provider for your solar installation. Harmon Solar is a locally owned and operated solar installer that’s done business in the Phoenix area since 1975. Here are some reasons Harmon Solar customers are glad they’ve made Read More

How Much Money Can You Save With Solar Energy?

When you think about it, solar energy is all about savings. It’s about saving you money. It’s about saving the environment. It’s about saving your budget from rising energy costs. Solar panels convert solar energy from the sun into electricity that powers all the appliances and gadgets in your home. If you produce more solar power than Read More