Leading Arizona Solar Panel System Installer Partners with World’s Best Solar Panel Manufacturer

For the past year, Harmon Solar has been offering leasing options to its residential customers interested in solar panel installation. The program has been very popular because it makes residential solar power accessible to anyone with a qualifying credit score. Harmon Solar is excited to announce that its leasing program just got better! For our residential solar panel leasing, we’ve partnered with SunPower, the leading manufacturer of the most efficient solar panel on the market today.


According to Harmon Electric/Harmon Solar’s COO, Dan King, “As a leading Arizona solar panel installer, we strive to continually stay abreast of the latest technology to make sure we offer our customers the most energy efficient solar panel systems possible. Partnering with SunPower brings even greater value to our residential leasing program.”


SunPower uses Maxeon™ solar cell technology. This patented technology places the metal contacts on the back side of the solar power cells, providing an unobstructed surface area to collect the sunlight. SunPower solar panels use more sun than conventional solar panels, which means they generate more electricity per panel, using less roof space to produce the energy you need.  Because these residential solar panel systems require significantly less roof space, you can maximize the amount of solar energy needed to offset your electricity bill.


SunPower uses only the best, premium, monocrystalline silicon with a patented treatment to optimize solar energy conversion. The result: these panels capture more sunlight and convert this light into energy more efficiently than any other solar panel on the market. Because they’re more efficient at converting light into electricity (and not heat), the hotter it gets outside, the better they perform compared to the competition. Great news for Arizona summers! Since SunPower solar panels have proven to be the most efficient solar panels on the planet, you’ll enjoy the greatest savings on your utility bill over the lifetime of your solar energy system.


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