Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installations Save Money for Phoenix, Arizona Residential Customers

Sunny Phoenix, Arizona is a great place to install home solar power systems to save on utility bills. Photovoltaic solar panels can be installed on almost any type of roof. They convert the UV radiation from the sun’s rays to DC electrical power. UV is present even during cloudy weather, so while clouds may decrease power somewhat, it is still generated. An inverter converts the DC power to the AC power used by household wiring. This power is used instead of the utility company’s power, producing energy savings. The house still remains connected to the grid to draw power for nighttime or heavy use, but when more solar power is generated than is used, the excess actually flows back into the grid and the meter literally runs backward. A solar installation also insulates the owner from future utility price increases. Besides saving money, solar panels also save the environment. They use no fossil fuels and produce no pollution. Customers can lease the installation, spreading out the solar panel cost over time, or purchase it up front. Either way helps save on energy bills and helps the environment.

As an example, here are the details on a recent Arizona solar panel installation by Harmon Solar. This Phoenix homeowner had 1200 square feet of panels installed on S-tile roofing, a larger-than-average installation. A hundred square feet of panels produce about a kilowatt of power, and average installations are 300 to 600 square feet. This homeowner’s installation will produce an estimated 25,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per year, for an estimated annual energy savings of $3,125 per year. This customer chose to purchase their solar panels rather than lease, at a cost of about $63,000, but after tax credits and other incentives, only paid an estimated price of $21,567.

Harmon Solar is Arizona’s leading solar power system installation company. The company provides free quotes so interested homeowners can learn how much they will save by purchasing or leasing a Photovoltaic solar power system. Customers should also contact their utility company and their state to learn about tax credits, special rebates, and other incentives that make solar power an even better deal. Harmon Solar can design and install a custom solar panel installation for almost any home and guarantees and maintains the system. Harmon’s customers can feel good about both saving money and helping the environment.