Tucson, Arizona, Harmon Solar Professionals Help Homeowner to Save on Utility Bills

Solar energy is cutting-edge green technology. In the most advanced solar equipment, photovoltaic materials are highly efficient generators of electricity. Light strikes two dissimilar materials that then generate opposite electrical charges. These charges are tapped to provide economical and green energy to a residence or business.

A residential homeowner in Tucson, Arizona, contacted the professionals at Harmon Solar to learn how they could help save on energy bills by installing solar panel equipment on the roof. Harmon Solar explained how the homeowner could profit from installing solar panel equipment. Energy-efficient homes conserve energy, and a solar power home contributes renewable green electricity instead of drawing it from the public power grid.

The efficient photovoltaic solar panels used by Harmon Solar generate about one Kilowatt per 100 square feet of solar panels. The homeowner’s roof was s-type and could easily support the 675 square feet of solar equipment required to produce over 14,000 kWh of electricity per year. This amounts to an annual energy savings of $1,800.

Harmon Solar also explained that the residential installation could be purchased or leased. The difference is that while purchasing solar panels qualified the homeowner for attractive rebates, tax credits, and incentives, the initial solar panel cost was reduced to zero when the installation was leased. With this detailed information related to the residence the homeowner made the popular choice of leasing.