3 Reasons We Love SunPower Panels

Residential Solar PanelsWhen you’re looking into solar panel contractors, few things are more important than what’s actually going to be going onto your home or business.  That’s why, here at Harmon Solar, we’re proud to partner with SunPower!

What makes SunPower panels special?  Let’s take a look.

Three Reasons Harmon Solar Proudly Offers SunPower

1 – Maxeon Energy Output

SunPower holds over 200 patents on proprietary solar-conversion processes, allowing them to create the most energy-efficient solar panel on the market.  Their panels can generate up to 44% more power than traditional panels, putting them head-and-shoulders above the rest.

2 – Serious Reliability

SunPower tests their panels more thoroughly than any other manufacturer on the market, using designs which are intended for real-life usage scenarios.  Their materials, their build quality, and their weather-proofing are all superior to alternatives on the market, leading them to also be one of the leading suppliers to military services.

3 – Superior Post-Sale Performance

Based on ten years’ data, SunPower panels actually outperform their own service estimates, giving an average of 105% expected performance.  This is backed by an industry-leading full-maintenance warranty.

The result? Uptime of 98% or greater across the lifespan of the panels.

Come To Harmon For The Best In Solar Power, For Less

When we say that we provide the best solar power panels in Arizona, we mean it.  Our partnership with SunPower means we provide the best value-for-money in the state.

Plus, when you utilize our convenient leasing plans, you can get these truly world-class solar panels for little or no money down! It’s never been quicker or easier to switch your home to solar, and start enjoying the savings immediately.

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