House with solar panels

5 Key Aspects About Solar That Customers Need to Know

With all the talk lately about global warming it’s good to know that there’s a practical alternative within reach of virtually any business or homeowner: solar power. After decades of refinement, the technology is truly “ready for prime time.” Five Reasons Solar Makes Sense In 2014! 1 – Solar Is Booming In Arizona If you’re Read More

Harmon Solar Goes Green and Saves Big

With the recent purchase of our very own office building, Harmon Solar is now able to go green! For several weeks, we have been working on a large project, installing our own solar shade structure. We opted for this type of system to optimize the space required for housing the amount of panels required for Read More

Powering Solar Education

This solar panel installation follows four other school projects that Harmon Electric/Harmon Solar has worked on within the past six months. Earlier this year, Harmon Electric/Harmon Solar began construction of one of its largest commercial solar systems, a multi-unit design and solar panel installation for three schools within the Douglas Unified School District. These projects Read More

Harmon Solar Keeping the Valley Moving (or Rolling):

Fueling solar power in the unlikeliest of places, Harmon Solar recently installed photovoltaic systems on the existing shade canopies of five Valley Shell service stations. Owned by Arizona-based The Carioca Company, these stations are only the beginning of a plan to install solar on 15 more stations in the coming year. Each Shell station requires Read More

Arizona Commercial and Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

An individual or corporate income tax credit is available for Arizona taxpayers that own a qualified energy generator that first produces electricity from and after December 31, 2010 and before January 1, 2021, using solar light, solar heat, wind or certain types of biomas. To be eligible to take the income tax credit for renewable Read More

Incentive Programs and Leasing Options make it easier to GO SOLAR with Harmon Solar.

APS offers Renewable Energy Incentive Program opportunities to homeowners and businesses who install various renewable energy sources. Amounts will vary based on the type of technology used and the scope of your project. For example, APS now offers homeowners $.60 per kWh incentive for grid PV Systems for their utility customers. This is down significantly from the Read More