Harmon Solar Joins Group Dedicated to Consumer Advocacy and Information

Following the announcement of APS’ proposal to alter its policy for net metering (the process for which solar users are compensated for excess energy production), Harmon Solar wanted to do something significant to ensure that solar continues to be a viable cost saving option for Arizona home and business owners. A group of solar companies, Read More

Harmon Solar joins Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance

Harmon Solar has joined forces with a group of solar companies to form the Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance, a coalition designed to advocate on behalf of the solar consumer. The group was announced today by the Phoenix Business Journal’s Patrick O’Grady. Read below for the complete article.   Phoenix Business Journal: New Arizona solar group Read More

Lock Down Energy Costs with a Prepaid Solar Lease

As a homeowner, you have options when it comes to reducing your energy bill, and at Harmon Solar we make it our business to save our customers as much money as possible! While there are several choices when it comes to going solar, for most homeowners, a prepaid solar lease is the most beneficial option. Read More

Harmon Solar Installs Donated Solar System on Habitat for Humanity Home

On a cold, windy Saturday morning earlier this month, employees from Harmon Solar and Harmon Electric volunteered their time to install a donated solar system on a Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona Home in North Phoenix. The install took place the same day the Sabbara family moved in to their new home. The 12-panel, 2.7 Read More

Harmon Solar is featured in Arizona Republic for Habitat for Humanity Project

On December 3, volunteers from Harmon Solar installed donated solar systems on two neighboring Habitat for Humanity Desert Foothills (HFHDF) homes in Arizona. The first system was installed on HFHDF’s 25thhome, which is the organization’s first house ever to receive solar and the first home to receive an Energy Star rating. Habitat for Humanity Desert Foothills Read More

Free Solar Workshops

We’d like to shed some light on ways you can save on your energy bill. Join us as we discuss how you can enjoy greater savings – and energy independence – at Harmon Solar’s FREE solar workshop. Monday, December 12th Sun City Grand’s Palo Verde Room in Surprise, AZ 12pm – 1:30pm / Lunch will Read More

Harmon Solar to Donate Solar Systems for all Future Arizona Habitat for Humanity Desert Foothills Homes

First Solar Install Ever was completed on December 3, 2011 on Habitat’s 25th Home On December 3, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 20 volunteers from Harmon Solar installed donated solar systems on two neighboring Habitat for Humanity Desert Foothills (HFHDF) homes in Arizona. The first system was installed on HFHDF’s 25th home, which is Read More

Phoenix Homeowner Partners with Government to Install Solar Panels and Gain Huge Cost Savings

When the sun penetrates advanced photovoltaic solar cells there are two opposing materials inside that generate positive and negative charges. Many cells combine to make a great deal of power. What is not used is directed into the public power grid for a credit that can be used against times when power must be drawn back out. The net Read More

Phoenix, Arizona, Residential Home Gets Energy Savings Upgrade For the New Century

Some say this is the century of green energy, yet the green is not all in the energy, but in the hand as well. Solar panels turn light into electricity, and that can make your meter spin backwards and put green money back into your hands. The cost of installation of a solar panel can be quickly recovered and the Read More

Phoenix, Arizona, Homeowner Contacts Harmon Solar Professionals to Help Install Solar Power Systems

Solar power homes are more than energy efficient homes. They generate power back into the public grid that does not create greenhouse gases and contributes to a greener world. When light strikes photovoltaic solar cells, it is converted to DC power. That is converted to alternating current that powers homes and businesses. The outgoing flow of energy can even Read More