Tucson Arizona Residential Homeowner Installs Solar Panels for Energy Savings

The installation of solar panels can greatly minimize a home’s electric bill by converting the sun’s rays into usable electricity. Harmon Solar’s panels use photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power. The DC power is sent to an inverter and turned into usable alternating current (AC) power. When the AC power leaves the inverter box, Read More

Solar Paneling Reduces Energy Cost for Tucson Resident

Innovation is the soul of civilization, and this cannot be better epitomized than by the sweeping revolution of solar power. Once reserved for wealthy corporations and luxurious mansions, the technology of solar power is now available for use in your own home. Solar panels in themselves are a technological marvel, and now we at Harmon Solar are using them Read More

Tucson, Arizona, Harmon Solar Professionals Help Homeowner to Save on Utility Bills

Solar energy is cutting-edge green technology. In the most advanced solar equipment, photovoltaic materials are highly efficient generators of electricity. Light strikes two dissimilar materials that then generate opposite electrical charges. These charges are tapped to provide economical and green energy to a residence or business. A residential homeowner in Tucson, Arizona, contacted the professionals at Harmon Solar to learn Read More

What Do You Have in Common With a Tucson, Arizona Residential Homeowner That Installed Photovoltaic Solar Panels?

Imagine having more money to spend or save the way you want. Let the sun work for you: while ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage your skin or cause cancer, harvesting the power of those rays by channeling them to a solar power system brings your home direct current (DC) energy. DC current is Read More