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Harmon offers a wide variety of services to cater to your solar AND basic electrical needs.

Our top concerns are quality and customer satisfaction. We do our best to ensure your solar system is operating at its maximum efficiency and installed to the highest standard. Whether Harmon Solar installed your system- or another installer- we are happy to service you!

We provide top-level maintenance and service.

Our technicians are certified solar experts, so whatever the job, we are here to help. 


In need of minor electrical work done by a licensed professional?

Harmon can install power outlets, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc in your home or business. 

Harmon Bird Blocking

Birds love the shelter provided by solar panels. It is the ideal nesting place for most pigeons or small birds considering the shade from the sun, safety from predators, and the ease of access. "Bird block" is designed to prevent birds or other small pests from having any access to the area underneath the solar panels. It's important to prevent their nesting as it causes a large mess and potential damages to be followed by high costs of repairs and clean up. Harmon will add bird blocking on your solar array, even if we did not install it.


Also known as "EVSE- Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment." Whether for your home or business Harmon will help you reduce your carbon footprint. For your home- it is so convenient to have your own charging port for your vehicle. And who better to install it than licensed professionals? For your business- it's important to provide EV (electric vehicle) parking spots to insure you're catering to ALL vehicles. It's a cost-effective way to attract more customers & help your business go green!

Panel Cleaning

Routine maintenance on your solar panels will keep them operating efficiently throughout the years. Rain can handle washing off the dust or pollen that might accumulate on your panels- depending on your location in Arizona, rain may not be in the forecast as often. And what about bird droppings and/or dirt build up? Harmon will ensure your panels look good as new with this service.


If you're having your roof replaced and have solar on your roof- you need an experienced team like Harmon Solar to remove and re-install your solar system. We will carefully remove your panels and re-install to manufacturer's standards. During this process we will also do a full assessment of your system to check for any sun damage or other issues that could present themselves in the future. 


Do you know if your solar system is operating at maximum efficiency? Harmon offers several different inspections to help.

Operational Inspection - One hour inspection to ensure everything is working properly.

Complete Inspection - Similar to the operational inspection - with the addition of a shade report and production report.

Roof Inspection - This is done by a qualified roofer to ensure the stability of the roof. We can quote small or large repairs                                                          as well as re-roofs. 

                                                   Realtor Inspection - A detailed inspection report with photos and sunwear issues listed, if applicable.