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  • Re-roofs, call Harmon to remove and reinstall your solar!
  • System assessment and diagnostics
  • Service to most solar systems, even if it was not installed by Harmon
  • Buying or selling a home with solar? Harmon can give you a full assessment
  • Harmon will provide a report that reveals any concerns with your solar system and a recommendation list of repairs
  • Residential or Commercial solar systems
  • System relocation or removal
  • Demand management systems
  • System monitoring devices



Ensure Your Solar System Is Performing Properly!

Harmon Solar will evaluate your current solar system for any issues and make sure it's operating at maximum efficiency. It doesn't matter if Harmon Solar installed your system, OR if your system was installed by someone else- Harmon Solar can provide top-level maintenance and service. Our technicians are certified solar experts, so whatever the job, we can help.

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Are you in need of a re-roof but you have a solar system already installed? You need an
experienced team, like Harmon Solar, to remove and reinstall your solar system.
We will carefully remove your solar system and reinstall to manufacturer's standards.
During this process we will do a full assessment of your system to check for any
sun damage or other issues that could present themselves in the future.


Do you know if your solar system is operating at maximum efficiency? Harmon
Solar will evaluate your system even if we did not install it. Our expert technicians
can review and assess your system to make sure you're getting every kilowatt you can                                                          to insure you're getting your BEST savings.


Solar systems utilize high-tech components, and problems with your system could
make your solar energy system under produce. This is compounded with larger
commercial systems. Call the experts at Harmon to evaluate your solar system
whether it's a small system or a large commercial installation.