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Imagine saving money, reducing your carbon footprint and enjoying energy independence, all thanks to the sun. With Harmon solar solutions, it’s possible.

Arizona Solar Panel Systems

How does it work? Solar panels installed on your roof convert sunlight into direct current, or DC power. This power is sent to an inverter, which converts it to alternating current, or AC, power. That’s what’s used in your home. So you accrue energy during daylight hours, and use it at night. It’s that simple.


Harmon Solar wants you to get the most energy—and savings—out of your solar system. We’ll help you identify the qualifying rebates for your system, and even file the paperwork for you. Schedule a free solar consultation today to learn how much you can save through the many solar incentive programs available.


State and Local Rebate Programs

Many state and utility companies have created programs to encourage homeowners to switch to solar. The rebate amounts vary, but some cover up to 30% of your solar solution’s cost! We will credit you for the state rebate upfront so you don’t have to wait for the government’s check later.


Incentives are available in Arizona through the following utility companies:

Arizona Public Service (APS)
Customer Service: 602-371-7171
APS Solar Incentives


Salt River Project (SRP)
SRP Residential Solar Energy Programs: 602-236-4448
SRP Solar Incentives


Tucson Electric Power (TEP)
Net Metering Department: 520-917-3673
TEP Solar Incentives



Federal Tax Credits

Did you know you can deduct 30% of your solar system costs from your federal taxes through an Investment Tax Credit (ITC? If you don’t expect to owe taxes this year, you can roll over your credit to the next year.

Energy Savings

The main reason for investing in a Harmon Solar solution? Savings, pure and simple.


Lower Utility Bills

Did you know utility rates can increase by as much as 5% a year? Here’s your chance to make your bill go down to $0. Use our Solar Calculator to see how much you could save with Harmon Solar.



Increased Energy Independence

Say goodbye to rate hikes or huge summer A/C bills. With an electric power source right in your home, you’ll enjoy energy independence and control. In addition, when your solar system generates more electricity than you’re using, your excess power goes back into the grid and most utility companies will pay or credit you it.



Investment Planning for the Future

A solar solution can help you enjoy savings today and greater returns in the future. Our energy solutions are some of the safest investments today. Use our Solar Calculator to estimate your home returns with a Harmon Solar solution.


When you install a solar solution, you’re not only saving money, you’re helping to save the environment. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint, and in turn, help slow global warming and directly promote sustainable energy.

Arizona Solar Panel Systems - Environmental Benefits

Keep your home clean, on the inside and out.

Solar power uses clean, pure energy from the sun. Unlike traditional electricity, which comes from fossil fuels that cause pollution and global warming, solar energy helps combat greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, unlike coal or oil’s finite resources, the sun’s energy is renewable and sustainable.


What kind of roof do I need to have?

Solar panels can be installed on almost every type of roof: composite, wood shake, cement tile, S-tile, tar and gravel, even metal. Installation costs vary depending on the roof.



How much roof space is required?

A solar system uses about 100 square feet for every kilowatt installed. The average system needs between 300 and 600 square feet.



How big a solar system do I need?

It all depends on how much electricity you use. Our solar experts will help you determine the size that’s right for you.



What if I use natural gas in addition to electricity?

Solar energy systems only decrease your electricity bill. If you pay more than $100 per month for electricity, a solar solution makes great financial sense.



How long do your solar solutions last?

Harmon Solar guarantees their solar installations and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your panel’s lifespan. Most systems last between 25-35 years!



What happens at night or in rainy or foggy weather?

Good question. Since your solar system generates power from sunlight, it produces slightly less energy when it’s cloudy outside, and won’t produce any energy at night. Your power system is connected to your local utility grid, so you can automatically draw power from the grid when you need it. Don’t worry: you won’t experience any power interruptions because the switch between solar power and the utility grid is seamless. You don’t have to do a thing.



Can my Homeowners Association (HOA) stop me from installing a solar solution on my home?

Usually not. An HOA may try, but the State of Arizona prohibits HOAs from banning solar installations outright, although, the state does allow them to rule on the design and color of panels.  Be sure to read your HOA rules, since HOAs might ask you to modify the design or location for aesthetic reasons.