How Much Money Can You Save With Solar Energy?

When you think about it, solar energy is all about savings. It’s about saving you money. It’s about saving the environment. It’s about saving your budget from rising energy costs.

Solar panels convert solar energy from the sun into electricity that powers all the appliances and gadgets in your home. If you produce more solar power than your house uses, the electric company pays you for the power. How’s that for a deal?

Harmon Solar, a family owned and locally operated solar energy company that’s been a part of the community since 1975, says there are many ways to save money with solar power:

1) Lower electric costs: Harmon Solar customers have reported electric bills as low as $40 and $8.74. With a solar lease you pay a fixed monthly rate for solar power for 20 years. Then you pay for what little electricity you use from the power company. Your solar payment stays the same for the life of the lease. What are the chances your electric rates will stay the same for 20 years?

2) Tax incentives: If you buy a solar energy system, federal tax credits are available up to 30 percent of the cost including installation with no upper limit. Arizona tax credits are 10% capping at $1000. Existing homes and new construction qualify. Also, principal residences and second homes qualify for the incentive. Check with a tax professional for more information.

3) Higher home values: Studies show that homes with solar panels have a higher resale value. That means solar panels will pay off if or when you decided to sell your house. In some states solar panels add 10 percent or more to the market price of a home, compared to similar homes in the same neighborhood without solar panels.

Adding solar power to your home is a big decision. Choose a solar company like Harmon Solar, that has worked with thousands of homeowners all around Arizona to develop a reputation for integrity and customer service second to none.

Making the decision to add solar power to your home will pay off in lower utility costs, state and federal tax credits and potentially higher value for your home. Solar panels make sense for your home and your budget.