How to Choose a Solar Installer

Every year we attend the five Maricopa County Home Shows. We were selected with two other solar companies to participate in this “Solar Panel” Discussion. They asked us commonly asked questions regarding solar and we answered! You can check out all our answers during this discussion on our YouTube playlist.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

It’s going to vary. As our representative Ben put it, “I have been asked before, “I have a 2,000 sq foot home, how much is solar going to cost?” And I’ll say, “I have a car with four doors, how much did I pay for it? Is it a Lamborghini or a Ford Focus?” The price varies for everyone.” It’s

also important to note that not everyone should go solar. We do believe that everyone should look at solar and what it COULD save you, but it is not for everyone. You’ll see a lot of negative reviews or reviews that talk about solar scams. The truth is – solar is not a good fit for everyone. It’s important to remember that.

What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Look Like?

Solar panels are simple to maintain. They do NOT need to be cleaned. As our solar representative Ben put it, “They’ll come out to your house on Monday to clean it and Tuesday we’ll have a dust storm. Well, there goes that money.” And it’s true. The cost that you pay for your solar panels to be cleaned will not equal the tiny bump in production a cleaner panel may give you for a small amount of time before they collect dirt and dust again. Solar panels CAN be cleaned, especially if you’d like them to look nicer on your roof. Is it necessary? No.

What if I Sell My Home with Solar?

Selling your home with solar is way easier than it used to be. If you finance the system, you’ll contact your lender. If you pay it off with cash, you’ll be good to go. Solar leases can also be transferred. The major benefit to selling your home with solar is that your home is grandfathered into a lower rate plan than other homes on the market, without solar. Once you go solar, your home is locked into that rate plan. The warranties on the solar system also transfer as long as they’re still in effect.

What if I Buy a Home with Solar?

It’s very important to know if the solar system is leased, purchased, or financed. You want to make sure that you have all the proper information on the system – equipment, warranties, services done on the system, etc. If the buyer presents their bills from the last 12 months showing the savings from the system, it’s also important to note that your bills may look nothing like that. Solar systems are designed based on the usage of that household. And your household could look completely different. Keep in mind that while you’ll likely see savings from the system, they will not be identical to theirs.

Incentives for Going Solar

There is a 30% federal tax credit. It is a credit, not a rebate. Not everyone will qualify for that tax credit. We always go over every option with you to discuss pros and cons. For us, it doesn’t matter if you want to purchase, lease, or finance. It is about what is best for you.

How to Choose a Solar Company

Most, if not all, solar companies here in the valley use the same equipment. We and the two other companies in the discussion use tier-1 solar panels. They’re top of the line. We always encourage you to get multiple quotes. And make sure all the quotes are for similar systems. Other companies may appear to be cheaper, but their system may also be smaller. What is the value that you’re getting? Take that into consideration.

What Sets Us Apart

When you have solar installed, they will penetrate your roof. This can make your roof susceptible to roof leaks. At Harmon, we offer a 30-year roof penetration warranty. We are also a roofing contractor. As we stated above, solar isn’t for everyone. And if it isn’t for you,

we’ll tell you! We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. It is important to have a consultative approach with such a big investment. Education is the most important. We have been serving the state of Arizona since 1975. We are here for the long run. From the initial consultation to the design, permitting, and installation – this is all done in house. If your system has any issues after installation, we are here for you! Our service department is dedicated to making sure our customers get the most out of their solar systems.