A Guide to Parking Lot Solar Canopies

If your business or apartment complex has a large parking area, you could benefit from a parking lot solar canopy. These canopies are an extra way to utilize your property, plus they have environmental benefits. Many desert businesses have already taken advantage of this unique way to meet their electrical needs. Discover more information about parking lot solar canopies for businesses and their benefits.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

What Is a Parking Lot Solar Canopy?

Parking lot solar canopies consist of raised solar canopies over a parking area. Like other solar panels, they have photovoltaic panels and an inverter to convert the electricity to AC. Some also have meters so you know how much energy you create and use off the grid.
Generally, the panels are positioned so vehicles can park under them. These panels are great for businesses with large power needs and where rooftop solar is not practical or sufficient.

What Are Different Types of Parking Lot Solar Canopy Mounts?

Canopy styles vary, but you can categorize most of them into two basic types.

Architectural and Tracking Canopies

Architectural and tracking canopies often blend into the existing architecture. They often have a dual purpose in that they can also help with rain runoff. Many of these mounts have a motor that changes the position of the panels as the sunlight changes. This movement allows for maximum sunlight collection throughout the day.

Fixed Tilt Canopy

A fixed tilt canopy is a basic solar panel system with tilted or flat panels. Their main function is to get the most of the available light with minimum construction and maintenance. They are perfect if you have a large parking lot and need many panels.

What Are Some Parking Lot Solar Canopy Electrical Benefits?

Like their rooftop cousins, parking lot solar canopies provide extra electrical benefits. If you have a large lot and many canopies, then you could generate power for your business. More power means you can run more equipment and keep your building cool without absorbing power from the local electrical grid.

What Are Some Parking Lot Solar Canopy Environmental Benefits?

The environmental benefits of a parking lot solar canopy are many and could be specifically beneficial for your business. Discover some benefits that a parking lot solar canopy may provide for you.

Shade for Your Customer’s Cars

Your customers will appreciate the shade your solar panels supply. They are less likely to return to a hot car after they visit your business. If their car is cooler to begin with, they will spend less fuel trying to cool it down.

Reduction in Urban Heating

Parking lots are notorious producers of urban heat, especially a large one. When you cover the lot with a structure like a solar panel, you reduce the radiant heat that contributes to excess warming.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

When you use less electricity from the grid, you will reduce the amount of electricity you use from the grid. Many of these other sources use fossil fuels that contribute to environmental issues.

Efficient Use of Space

A parking lot solely used for cars is relatively unproductive. With solar panels, you get two uses in one space without impeding either use.

Commitment to Green Energy

When you install solar panels in a parking lot, you show your commitment to green energy. This show of commitment could give you a competitive edge over other businesses in the area, especially if you are one of the few with parking lot solar panels.

If you plan to redo your parking area or are in the process of building one, then consider a parking lot solar canopy. Many of your customers and residents will appreciate its direct and indirect benefits. When you are ready to take the steps towards a parking lot solar canopy, give Harmon Solar a call. You can see some of our previous work on our website. Then, contact us with a call, text, or email.