Another Electric Rate Hike?

It seems to be the topic of conversation lately: APS increased our electric rates again! Everywhere I go I seem to be having the same conversation as the summer heat is upon us. Everyone is tired of paying their electricity bill. Perhaps it’s the economy that has all of us talking about our bills more? We’re all looking for ways to cut back, be more frugal and save money.

The idea of having virtually no APS bill is hard to imagine, but it’s finally a reality. Now with the solar energy rebates from APS and SRP, which are huge, along with the Federal and State tax credits, the average homeowner can finally afford solar energy for their home. The key change to the incentives is that now we can take all of the 30% Federal tax credit on next year’s taxes. By removing the cap of $2000 a year, the flood gates have opened up to a huge market that really wanted to Go Solar, but couldn’t afford it before.

In the future, those of us who have invested in a solar energy system for our home will no longer be concerned with the utility company’s rate hikes. We’ll just enjoy a greater return on our investment!

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