Energy Efficiency Appliance Program – Rebates and Energy Savings

Is Another New Appliance on My Horizon?

After writing about the appliance rebate program for energy-saving washers and dishwashers, I just read that the Arizona Energy Office has been charged with creating a program for allocating more than $6 million in rebates to purchasers of other energy efficient appliances. It’s undecided just yet what those appliances will be, but I’m crossing my fingers that a refrigerator or stove are somewhere on that list. A couple of years ago, I purchased a condo that was built in the mid-90s, and it still contained the original appliances. They are about as basic as you can get, are extremely unattractive, and are certainly not energy efficient. While I’ve wanted to update the appliances for quite some time, I’ve been waiting for a good reason to do so. After all, they still work. According to an Arizona Republic article, the Energy Efficiency Appliance Program will allocate $50 to $200 rebates to purchasers of energy-efficient major appliances. Couple that with some rebates that appliance manufacturers are offering, and I could save a significant chunk of change! Many retailers are concerned the program will have some drawbacks, similar to those of the Cash for Clunkers program. While there could be some upsides, most namely the boost in sales this rebate program could provide retailers, I can understand their concerns. The Department of Energy has been handed over the appliance rebate program to determine how it will be structured. Time will tell how it will evolve, but it will be great if they can come up with a rebate program that is beneficial for both retailers and consumers.