Finding the Right Solar Panel Installer

Driving around Phoenix, you’ll notice solar panels on the roofs of many homes. Ever wonder how those panels got there?

Many of them are courtesy of Harmon Solar, which has installed solar panels throughout Arizona. Over the years, Harmon Solar has developed a reputation for excellence in customer service. Harmon Solar is locally owned and operated, so the company and its leaders are proud be to a part of the community.

Like many home projects, the skills, experience, and dedication of the installer is as important as the product itself. Certainly there are many types of solar panels that would provide adequate service over the years. But the quality of installation is the most critical aspect of a solar panel project.

That’s why Harmon Solar uses a licensed roofing contractor and a structural engineer for every solar panel installation. Every job meets or exceeds construction standards for safety and the durability of your home.

The roofing contractor can identify any problems with the existing roof that could lead to leaks or require repairs. You want your roof to be in good shape before the solar panels get installed, because they can last 25-30 years. The roofing contractor can specify the best solar panel mounting hardware based on the type of roof, such as shingles, tile, metal or even slate.

The structural engineer will determine whether any structural problems with the existing roof might need to be repaired or reinforced to properly site the solar panels. Most companies don’t take these steps, but Harmon Solar does.

Each solar panel installation is a custom job, designed specifically for your home. Our professional installers take pride in their work, including a leak-free reputation.

If you’re thinking about solar panels for your home, get in touch with Harmon Solar to find out more about the difference in doing business with an experienced, reliable company. Your home could be one of those with solar panels on the roof, taking advantage of free energy from the sun.