Harmon Solar Joins Group Dedicated to Consumer Advocacy and Information

Following the announcement of APS’ proposal to alter its policy for net metering (the process for which solar users are compensated for excess energy production), Harmon Solar wanted to do something significant to ensure that solar continues to be a viable cost saving option for Arizona home and business owners. A group of solar companies, including Harmon Solar, have formed a nonprofit organization designed to advocate on behalf of the solar consumer and educate the community on the importance of continued investment in solar technologies.

In addition to solar being a clean, cost effectiveless expensive form of energy, Harmon Solar realizes the amazing growth potential in an industry that provides high paying jobs and is poised to provide greater economic diversification. Groups that claim to be pro-consumer are popping up statewide as the issue of solar energy becomes a more popular topic. These efforts, however, are only making it more difficult for the public to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to solar energy.

The nonprofit organization, Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance (ASDA) was formed by American Solar, Arizona Solar Concepts, Harmon Solar, Sun Valley Solar Solutions and Technicians for Sustainability, all Arizona-based companies who committed early- on to work with homeowners and businesses to make rooftop solar energy a reality in the State of Arizona. ASDA will provide up-to-date, reliable data to inform and educate solar users and solar interests on important issues related to the industry and changes in public policy.

“The cost of solar energy is at an all-time low. Homeowners and businesses can easily make the choice to go solar and it is especially critical they have facts and solid information – not noise or conjecture – before making such a decision and as they continue to use solar into the future.” said Sean Seitz, president of ASDA. “We believe solar is here to stay. It is a low-cost, long term solution to our state’s growing power needs and is quickly becoming part of Arizona’s diverse energy portfolio, alongside wind, hydro, nuclear, gas and coal. Our mission is to support an educated decision-making process and that means ensuring those making the decision are not swayed by the landslide of misinformation and distraction that is out there.”

Arizona’s solar industry is also critical to the state’s economic development prospects, as it provides jobs in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, construction and a variety of other related skill sets, many of which pay well and provide a good standard of living for families. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Careers in Solar Power, 2011)
“There is incredible potential for industry expansion in sustainable technologies and with that comes exponential job growth,” said Dan King, COO of Harmon Solar and treasurer of ASDA. “These are good jobs with high salaries, all of which contribute to what we as a state have been trying to create for years: a healthy, diversified economy.”