Harmon Solar Featured on “Rosie on the House”

Last month, Harmon Solar joined the popular Rosie on the House online referral network as the only solar power contractor in the Phoenix Metro area. “We are excited to be the solar partner for Rosie on the House,” said Dan King, Harmon Electric / Harmon Solar COO. “Rosie and his team are well-respected in Arizona and are continually voted as the #1 ranked referral network. For us, it was a great fit.” “After literally years trying to find an ethical solar company that could pass Rosie’s stringent background check.  Harmon Solar passed with flying colors!  They should be very proud of that and we are so excited to have them on board,” said Melissa Waskowski, Rosie on the House Senior Marketing Consultant.

For more information on Harmon Solar, visit us at harmonsolar.com, and for more information on Rosie on the House referral network or to become a member, visit www.rosieonthehouse.com.