Is Free Too Good to Be True?

It’s easy to be skeptical when someone tells you that you can get a solar panel system for your home for free. How can that possibly be!? There must be a catch. Well’¦with Harmon Solar, it is true, and there is no catch – just a credit check – that’s it (really!). Through our leasing partner, Sun Power, homeowners can now enjoy the benefits of a home solar system without any out of pocket expense.

With the leasing program, the goal is to reduce monthly energy costs by at least 15% with a combination of a lease payment and electric bill. On some homes, it may be possible to do away with an electric bill altogether. The savings are dependent upon the home’s roof size and sun exposure, which will determine the size of the solar system and number of solar energy panels. With a fixed lease payment and energy costs guaranteed to rise every year, solar panel power will continue to save homeowners money throughout the duration of the lease.

Still sound too good to be true? The only potential roadblock to a home solar system is your credit score. Following a credit check, qualified customers will have the options of leasing a system for zero-down, making a down payment to lower their monthly bill, or pre-paying the lease to reduce/eliminate the monthly payment. Regardless of the payment plan, there is fee for the solar panel installation or maintenance fee. Maintenance is included for the life of the solar panel system, which is 20 years, per an interconnect agreement with the utility company. If a homeowner chooses to sell their home, the lease is signed over to the new homebuyer. The buyer can continue to lease the solar energy system or purchase the system with the home.

Contact Harmon Solar today to find out if you qualify for a zero-down lease for your home. You have nothing to lose but a utility payment! or call 623-879-0010.