Lock Down Energy Costs with a Prepaid Solar Lease

As a homeowner, you have options when it comes to reducing your energy bill, and at Harmon Solar we make it our business to save our customers as much money as possible! While there are several choices when it comes to going solar, for most homeowners, a prepaid solar lease is the most beneficial option.

What is a prepaid solar lease you might ask? Well, the best example we can give is this: if you were offered the choice to lock in your fuel price at today’s rate for the next 20 years, wouldn’t you do it? That’s exactly how a prepaid lease works! By making one upfront payment towards your lease, for the length of your contract, your energy rates are guaranteed to stay the same. With energy rates rising at an average of 3% per year, you are guaranteed to save on your electricity bill over time, unlike the trend of your current utility bills.

Aside from the long-term savings, there are other benefits to a prepaid lease. This type of lease is as close as you can get to owning a system, and only requires a one-time upfront lease payment, with no recurring lease payments thereafter.  Additionally, you will not be responsible for any maintenance costs for the solar system.  Harmon Solar takes care of any upkeep or repairs that may be needed.

Find out if a prepaid solar lease is the best option for you. Call 1-800-281-3189 today for a complimentary consultation.