New Incentives for Solar Companies

It has been a busy week in the solar arena. Solar energy buy backs, area schools hoping to cash in on federal stimulus money, and the news of the passing of SB 1043. A big step in providing a much needed boost to our economy, this new law gives a variety of incentives to solar companies locating their headquarters or factories in our sunny state. On the radar, but always missing the boat, Arizona now has a competitive advantage in attracting large solar companies. The bill gives solar companies a credit on their capital investment and a significant discount on their property taxes. In hopes of creating better employment opportunities, these companies must meet minimum salary and health insurance requirements.

Now, the next step is getting these solar companies to commit so we can benefit from this new law. Fortunately, this week, a group from the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is at the Intersolar North America conference meeting with a slew of executives from solar companies. It’s too soon to tell what these meetings will hold, but reports are that 15 companies are planning new facilities. Cross your fingers that GPEC and city officials are presenting a convincing case. If so, this newly passed law will give Arizona a larger claim on the solar market.

Harmon Solar Public Relations