Phoenix Arizona Residential Homeowner Saves Money By Installing Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Solar energy helps families save money by converting solar energy into electricity. This happens when a solar panel captures UV rays from the sun. It then converts those rays into direct current (DC) electricity. The DC needs to be converted to alternating current (AC) because that is what is used in a home. This method creates energy savings for residential users because the photovoltaic solar system will collect any surplus energy collected by the solar panel during the day and will then draw from this bank of energy at night when the sun isn’t out. Solar panels can be installed on almost any kind of roof, including s-tile, tar and gravel, metal wood shake, cement tile and composite. Depending on the roof, the cost of the installation will vary. The amount of roof space needed for an installation will also vary and depends on how much energy a household uses. The average solar system uses between 300 and 600 square feet of roof space for the solar panels.

A homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona recently contacted Harmon Solar to inquire about solar panels for their tar and gravel roof. Our energy consultants determined the homeowner needed 1000 square feet for the correct solar panel installation on their home. The customer was able to save an estimated $2,600 from this solar panel installation project. This homeowner decided to go with our Pre-Paid Lease Program instead of purchasing the solar panels directly, because it fit their budget and lifestyle.

Homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona should definitely contact Harmon Solar to determine how they can generate savings of their own by using solar energy. Purchasing solar panels may qualify you for tax credits, special rebates or other incentives. Those people who are interested in solar should check with their utility company or look at state regulations to find more about these purchase incentives. Contact Harmon Solar to learn more, or for a free estimate.