Solar Energy Companies Need Incentives to Come to Arizona

While I don’t claim to be an economics expert, I’m still interested in the health of the economy, particularly in our own backyard. A recent article in the Arizona Republic, with the headline “Arizona’s Economic Efforts Lagging,’ had me concerned. The article talks about the outcome of three Greater Phoenix Economic Council forums recently held. The forums placed a heavy emphasis on solar energy companies, which is undoubtedly the next big thing for fueling the economy. A main point addressed in these forums is that Arizona appears to be behind the curve compared to other states with economic development efforts. The positive side to this story is that Arizona is a prime target for solar energy companies looking for a home. Although Arizona has abundant sunshine, more important to attracting solar energy companies are favorable business and tax incentives. It seems the Greater Phoenix Economic Council is on the right track, creating a document that addresses the changes needed to attract these solar energy companies. What’s not clear to me is where we go from here? A plan does no good if it sits on a shelf. Hopefully this plan will be approved and these programs fast tracked so that Arizona does not miss out on attracting solar energy companies to our state.

Harmon Solar Public Relations