Solar, If Not Now, When?

Why isn’t Arizona the number one location in the United States with solar installations?  It seems odd in a state where we have sunshine most every day of the year; we still have very few roofs sporting the very fashionable solar panels.  Why?

In the past, the price of residential solar installation was just not affordable.  With the introduction of Federal and State Tax Credits and rebates from utility companies, solar for your home is starting to make good financial sense.  More and more home owners are now understanding the value proposition of going green with solar versus the investment.  Yet, many consumers are still waiting for better rebates, which in the Phoenix metro area are unlikely since APS has forecast their step down in rebates and SRP is only offering $1.00/Watt until their new budget is released in May.

Consumers also are waiting for the efficiency to get better.  Those consumers could be in for a long wait.  While it is true that solar panels are becoming more efficient, there has been no significant improvement in efficiency over the last decade.

And finally, many consumers believe that just like other new technologies, the price of a solar installation is going to go down.  That is a possibility, but the question is when, if, and by how much?

You can move toward energy independence today with the installation of solar on your home and take advantage of the current tax credits and utility rebates.  Why not now?

Solar Energy Consultant