Solar Industry Bill Advancing

In an effort to increase Arizona’s competitiveness in the solar manufacturing arena, early this week the State Senate passed a solar industry bill, 1403, to attract new industry to the state. If approved by the House of Representatives, the solar industry bill will give tax incentives to manufacturers of solar energy equipment.

Opponents of the solar industry bill argue that tax breaks should not be limited to one industry, since tax incentives would benefit a variety of industries. While there is definitely truth to this sentiment, given the current financial situation it seems we need to start somewhere. If 13 companies are waiting on the passage of the solar industry bill to determine where they will locate, we cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity. Advances in the solar industry are not a phase; they are the way of the future. Positioning Arizona as a solar industry hub will secure a stake in this growing arena and hopefully expand our state’s playing field for revenue.

Companies that take advantage of the solar industry bill breaks must meet certain criteria, including higher wages and guaranteed healthcare for its employees. Not to mention, if these solar manufacturers chose to set up shop in Arizona, our sluggish construction industry will benefit from the projects. Hopefully the solar industry bill will pass the House so we can benefit from the growth.

Harmon Solar Public Relations