Toilet paper, Hummus and Solar Tubes

Most of the time when shopping at Costco, I’m a zip in and get it done kind of person. I have to be this way or else I get distracted by all of those other things I need, like an inflatable mattress, 200 utility towels or solar tubes. Instead, I go for the less exciting products – toilet paper, dog food, vitamins – because despite their volume, they actually get used in my household. Good intentions aside, oftentimes unnecessary items still make their way into my shopping cart. What is it about that environment that makes me feel as if I can’t live without a two pound tub of hummus dip? Have you ever tried to singlehandedly consume that much hummus dip? Well, let’s just say that my coworkers were very excited about that impulse purchase! With too many shopping trips ending this way, I had to figure out why I can’t control myself in this store. Maybe it’s to simply make myself feel better, but I have come to what seems like a rational conclusion. While Costco is not a closeout retailer, many of the items they carry are on a seasonal or oftentimes trial basis. Not to mention, if a product has made its way onto Costco’s shelves, it’s usually an item that is on the verge of becoming very popular or is already wildly popular. Top it off with a significant savings, and things become irresistible! This conclusion leads me back to my list of products I think I need at Costco, like solar tubes. Despite my burning desire to buy them, I couldn’t rationalize the purchase of solar tubes. If you don’t know what they are, solar tubes serve a similar purpose as skylights, but require much less space, are easier to install, and are less expensive. If you’ve been looking into them or have contemplated skylights, you may want to give these solar tubes a look. If it weren’t for the pesky HOA rules that govern my condo, you can bet that my shopping cart would have been filled with one solar tube for every room in my home!

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