Top 4 Tips for Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Installation of a solar panel system in your residential or commercial building is commendable. Most times, the installation process is pricey. However, the benefits are long-term since the system is reliable and provides cheap energy.

Like any other gadgets in your residential or commercial space, you need to maintain your solar panels. Maintenance is necessary for the system to serve you for an extended period. Read on to discover how to make sure your solar panel system remains in good condition for a long time.

Install a Solar Panel Monitoring System

Once the solar panel system is ready to use, install the solar panel monitoring app on your phone. You can more easily monitor and keep track of your system when the application is on the phone you use daily.

You understand and become familiar with how the system works through the app, which allows you to notice any issues. The app will help you observe the patterns of your system.

The most critical element to monitor is the energy production levels. It would be best to track the energy production levels and disparities on different days and seasons. The system will help you notice any decrease in solar panels’ energy output. A reduction in the output could be because of the accumulation of debris. In this case, you need to consult with professionals for guidance.

Remember to contact the professionals who set the solar panel systems during the installation period. They may give you more insights into what to look for as you monitor the solar panel system.

Clean and Dust

You have to clean and dust the solar panel system. You only need to do it a few times a year. Remember to schedule cleaning ahead of time so that you do not forget. Solar panels that are slanted are great because the rain can easily wash away the debris. Tilted solar panels will mostly be clean during the rainy season.

However, if you live in an area where it rarely rains, you may have to clean them manually to prevent the accumulation of debris. Too much dust or debris can lower the efficiency of the solar panels.

You only need to use a leaf blower or a functional garden pipe to clean the panel. Do not use too much pressure when cleaning with a garden hose. High water pressure affects the joints in the panel frame. Do not use solvents and detergents since they may be detrimental to the surface of the solar panel.

When cleaning, do not use hard water since it may leave a white residue. The remnants might impact the photovoltaic output. Please do not use harsh or abrasive sponges since they may be too hard on the solar panels. Lastly, use warm water, especially when the weather is cold. Cold water may lead to thermal shock, which can be detrimental to the solar panel system.

Repair or Replace

Solar panel systems tend to be very delicate. Avoid doing repairs and replacements by yourself since you may cause more damage. Instead, use the services of a professional. They understand the solar panel system best. Professionals can restore the system to its original state for you to enjoy the benefits.

If your warranty period is not yet over, contact the company that installed the solar panel system when any issue arises. They will send someone who will assess the situation and restore the system.

Do Annual Inspections and Maintenance

Your solar panel system may function properly throughout the year. However, you still need to schedule an annual inspection with a professional. These individuals have the right skills and knowledge to carry out preventive maintenance and discover anything unusual.

Solar panels are not hard to maintain. You only have to monitor the system constantly and notice any changes in how they function. Contact Harmon Solar if you need any help with solar panel system installation or maintenance.