Features That Make Tesla Powerwall Battery Reliable for Solar Power

Power outage from national grid maintenance or natural causes is inevitable. From time to time, one can expect their power to go off. Even though this is a common thing to happen, it can be disappointing for most residential homeowners if it impedes the accomplishment of urgent tasks. For this reason, every home with a solar installation should have a Tesla Powerwall Battery.

This battery stores solar energy to power essential electrical equipment when power from the national grid goes off or when the strength of sunlight getting to the surface of the solar panel reduces. The sections below discuss the features of the Tesla Powerwall Battery that make it reliable for solar power.

On-Grid Power

The Tesla Powerwall Battery has the ability to produce and maintain 5.8kW as a supplement to the power that the national grid supplies to your house by at every moment. The advantage of this coexistence is that when the national grid experiences a power outage, enough power supply goes to a house.

Also, sensitive electrical equipment can easily develop faults if they experience large fluctuations in currents from powering off and on abruptly. To prevent this risk, the supplemental energy from Tesla Powerwall Battery keeps this equipment active until it can have full power through solar energy.

Peak Hour Savings

Peak hours for residential owners can be scary when electrical costs per kilowatt almost fly off the roof. How would you feel, however, if you had a way to reduce this cost? Tesla Powerwall Battery, as a solar power storage equipment, produces 10kW into the national grid during these peak hours.

The implication of this power is that this reduces the levels of dependence on national grid energy during peak hours. As a homeowner, therefore, you can afford a smile when receiving your electricity bills at the end of every month.

Always Functional

The Tesla Powerwall Battery is also advantageous even when no sun is present. The battery can switch to charging using the national grid power when no sun is out and when electricity costs are low. The stored power can then be useful during peak hours.

Solar Integration

Different solar panels come with varying capacities and configurations for their inverters, such as off-grid, hybrid, and grid-tied. Grid-tied inverters, which are likely the most common inverters currently in use, further differentiate into 7700W Grid-Tie Inverter, 2000W LCD Solar Grid-Tie Inverter, and SE3000H HD Wave Grid-Tie Inverter.

With a Tesla Powerwall Battery, you do not have to worry about the high disparity from this differentiation, which is something that most potential solar shoppers might find confusing. Tesla Powerwall Battery is compatible with all forms of grid-tied inverters.

Backup Gateway 2

The Tesla Powerwall Battery has a backup gateway 2 that is critical in energy monitoring, time-based control, solar self-consumption, and backup. The backup gateway 2 manages grid connections automatically so that when an outage happens, the connection to backup is seamless.

The integration of the backup gateway 2 to a main circuit breaker can also happen at the service entrance. Additionally, when backup gateway 2 connects to the internal panel board, it can work as a load center, communicating directly with the Tesla Powerwall Battery app to provide a solar owner with information necessary for energy monitoring and management.

Do you wish that your solar installation was more efficient at power storage, monitoring, and management? Contact Harmon Solar, where we will sell you the solution: the Tesla Powerwall Battery. We look forward to helping you know how this solar solution can help with your solar needs. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.