4 Ways to Keep Your Solar Farm Flourishing

A solar farm is a large investment. To ensure it profits well, you need to service and maintain your solar panels regularly. Discover four ways to keep your solar farm functioning well for years to come.

1. Clean Solar Panels Regularly

Solar panels have exposure to the outdoors, which means they can encounter anything from excessive dust to acidic bird droppings. While solar panels are meant to be durable, they do need to be as clean as possible for maximum output and performance.

So how often should you clean your solar panels? That depends on how often they get dirty. A good rule of thumb for cleaning might be once or twice or a year. However, if you experience a surge in dust storms or bird droppings, then you might need more frequent cleaning. Regularly inspect your solar panels to determine their state of cleanliness.

Clean solar panels will be able to capture the most power you need to provide.

2. Monitor All Components

While the solar panels are often the most visible part of the solar farm, other components are just as important. Your inverters work hard to convert electricity, your racking holds the solar panels up, and your transformers transfer energy. If any of these malfunction, your solar farm could suffer.

To ensure that you can prevent this from happening, monitoring is crucial. Solar monitoring systems are available to both monitor parts of your solar farm and evaluate output and efficiency.

For example, solar monitoring can alert you to potential trouble with your inverter. As an inverter is often the hardest-working part of the solar farm, it can develop problems such as voltage changes or complete failure due to damage. With solar monitoring, you’ll be able to identify that your inverter is acting up and service it as needed. That way, you can enjoy less downtime and continued performance.

3. Replace Parts As Needed

Solar farms can last many years, but eventually, parts of the solar system can degrade or fail. For example, racking for solar panels can shift from natural erosion, suffer damage from the weather, or simply weaken over the years. Additionally, the constant UV exposure can discolor panels. All of these can damage your solar farm’s structure or productivity.

However, parts replacement can help your solar farm last longer. Instead of having to invest in an entirely new solar system, you can still enjoy quality output with less expensive replacement costs. With quality replacements, you can also enjoy a longer high-performance lifespan.

4. Trim Vegetation

Vegetation around your solar panels might seem picturesque, but it can quickly prove a problem. Vegetation that grows quickly can interfere with the racking or panels themselves, and overgrown vegetation can invite pests that could further interfere with your solar setup. Bare ground below your solar panels is usually best for high performance.

To be diligent about vegetation, you might need to adopt anything from proactive weed control to seasonal treatments. A combination of methods will ensure the success of your solar farm. You won’t have to ever worry about vegetation damaging your solar panels.

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No matter how well you take care of and maintain your solar farm, it sometimes needs help. Harmon Solar is available for your solar farm service needs. We are available to inspect all parts of the solar farm to identify potential problems and repair them as necessary. Please call us today to discuss your specific needs and ask any questions you have about your solar farm. We look forward to helping your solar farm thrive and succeed as a renewable energy source.