Let Your Garden Go Solar with These 3 Ideas

Essentially, Mother Nature has made all gardens solar-powered. In any case, that is how all green plants make their food — they convert sunlight to energy. But what a solar-powered garden means in this context is that you use solar energy to run your tools. With solar, you benefit not only your household but also the environment. More solar usage translates to fewer fossil fuel burns.

Many other perks come along with a solar-powered garden, such as elegance and glamor. You have many reasons to tune to natural sun power, from reliability to energy efficiency and beautifully lit sceneries. Here are some incredible ideas to use solar energy in your garden.

1. Decor and Lights

One of the possibly cheapest ways to decorate your garden is to use outdoor solar lights. The bulbs’ solar panels absorb solar energy in the daytime and cast the lights when the sun sets. LED bulbs consume less power, so you get hours of light around your garden and nearby areas. Whether fluorescent or security lights, solar bulbs are a sustainable option that doesn’t need you to connect wires.

Get creative with the lights to create different patterns and displays based on your preference. The lights highlight garden features and brighten pathways. Various outdoor solar lights exist so that you can select one based on your desirable effects. What’s more, you have different placement options on the fence, in the ground, at the slides of a fishpond, or above the garden.

You reap numerous benefits when you leave garden lights on at night. For example, you keep away intruders and enjoy beautiful dinners outside. However, you may not always have electricity — power surge, transformer and equipment failure, blackouts, etc. — disrupt power supply. Since solar lights are self-sufficient, you don’t have to worry about sudden power loss.

Fountains and ponds add curb appeal and could be your garden’s main attraction. Additionally, they create a serene environment for parties and events. For a solar-powered fountain, all you need to do is set up the fountain, connect to the solar panel and let the sun power it. After that, you can rest easy and watch the beautiful patterns unfold.

2. Irrigation

Power a water pump with solar to keep your garden green and hydrated at all seasons. You can dedicate a solar panel to charge a water tank pump. After that, the pump delivers water through a pipe or tube to the required location.

Alternatively, you can invest in a solar-powered sprinkler to water your garden grass and other plants. Whichever option you choose, you get more water when sunny (since more solar means more power) and less when cloudy. Yet, that is the beauty of it; your plants get water when they need it most. On cloudy days, the atmosphere is humid, so plants require less irrigation.

3. Garden Tools

Every garden needs tools for efficient operations, say, irrigation and grass cutting. Some tools, e.g., trimmers, generators, and lawnmowers, require power to work. With an affordable solar panel, you will be surprised at how much power you get for your garden equipment.

As the world gets more creative with new tools, solar technology ensures you maintain normal operations even when there is a blackout. A reliable and consistent water supply is paramount if you have a large garden for commercial agricultural products. You wouldn’t risk crop failure from electrical hitches that limit water supply.


Garden solar power installation isn’t only achievable but also advocated. Your garden is an exposed part of your property, which means it receives lots of sunlight. Don’t wait any longer to reap solar benefits and become an eco-friendly gardener. Instead, contact Harmon Solar for all your solar needs. Our professionals are always ready to deliver services to your satisfaction.