5 Key Aspects About Solar That Customers Need to Know

With all the talk lately about global warming it’s good to know that there’s a practical alternative within reach of virtually any business or homeowner: solar power.

After decades of refinement, the technology is truly “ready for prime time.’

Five Reasons Solar Makes Sense In 2014!

1 – Solar Is Booming In Arizona

If you’re here in Arizona, you’re on prime real estate to for capturing those solar savings.  In fact, Arizona is the third-fastest growing solar market in the country, only behind Texas and California.  Plus, with our desert climate, there truly are few better places in the US for solar systems.

2 – Leasing Means Zero-Down

Interested in solar power, but worried about the high up-front costs of panel installation?  That’s not a problem today!  You can have your solar panels installed on a monthly lease, with little or no money down (pending credit approval), while enjoying locked-in monthly billing.

3 – Net Metering

What happens when your solar system generates more energy than what your home needs?    Arizona has very favorable Net Metering policies, ensuring that excess power is moved onto the  grid, and you get credit for it.  Some customers even see their power meters spinning backwards, reflecting the excess electricity they’ve generated.

4 – Get Government Tax Credits

Tax credits are being offered at the  state, and Federal levels when you install solar  When you partner with a top-notch provider to install your solar system,  they can also help  you take advantage of all the government tax credits available.

5 – Save Plenty Of Money

Finally, of course, there are the cost-savings, on top of everything else.  On-site solar power generation is among the most cost-effective personal generation systems on the market.

To see for yourself, simply visit harmonsolar.com!  How much money could solar add to your budget every month?