Weighing the Decision to Go Solar

Is now the right time to invest in solar power for home owners?  Just take a look at (fossil fuel) electrical prices in Arizona in the last few years.  The trend is clear.  Year after year, electrical prices are creeping upwards, and this is a pattern that is unlikely to stop.

After all, the amount of oil and coal in this world is dropping by the day.  The prices will only keep going up in the years ahead, barring a miraculous discovery of new sources.

Most forms of alternative power, such as wind turbines, are still out of the reach of residential installation… but not solar power!  Even as fossil fuels become more expensive every year, solar power becomes cheaper and more efficient.  Today’s solar cells are less expensive than ever before, while bringing energy conversion rates up to 40%.

By comparison, when President Carter put solar panels on the White House in the late 70s, the solar conversion rates were less than 10%.

This means solar power for home residences is truly obtainable.   Plus, thanks to the lower prices, it’s now even possible to install leased solar panels for little or no money down while enjoying stable pricing throughout the year.

When you lease your solar panels, you bring consistency to your electric bill:  Locked-in prices month after month, year after year.  That’s a promise that comes with solar which which simply cannot be matched.

Better yet for your budget, you can even receive credit for extra power generated.  If your solar panels create more electricity than you use, that power is moved onto the grid, and your bill is pro-rated according to your net contributions.

The Cost Savings Are Indisputable

Solar is clean, sustainable, and affordable  many homeowners.  To escape the trap of petroleum power, contact Harmon Solar today!