Catalina, AZ Solar Panels – Prepaid Lease Saves’ Woman $2000 per year

Solar power can result in considerable energy savings, especially in a place like Catalina, Arizona, where there is a lot of sunshine and little rain. The photovoltaic cells transform the plentiful sunlight into electricity with no pollution or waste. Modern solar panels fit close to roof lines and are both smaller and more attractive than those available in the past. Once the up-front costs are paid, modern panels can last for years, generating energy with no additional cost or effort on the part of the building’s owner.

One Arizona woman saw the benefits and wanted to fit her Catalina home with a solar panel system. However, the solar panel cost was beyond her means. The thousands of dollars it would cost her to purchase solar panels exceeded her available funds and even the knowledge that it would save her almost $2,000 a year did not help. The money was simply not available. In fact, installing the 700 square feet of panels she needed to her S-tile roof, to generate the 15880 kilowatt/hour/year worth of power she needed, would have cost her a bit over $38,000. Even with available rebates, she could not afford it. This left her trapped paying her high electricity bills, especially given the cooling requirements of living in the desert. So she decided to contact Harmon Solar.

At Harmon Solar, we were able to offer her, and other Arizona customers, a more affordable alternative. By entering our pre-paid lease program, the woman significantly reduced her upfront costs while gaining all of the benefits of a good solar system. Our expertise paid off in allowing her to choose the best option for her needs and her budget. We both sell and lease solar panel systems and provide expert, authentic advice on choosing the option best for you and your home or business.