Tucson, Arizona, Residential Homeowner Makes a Good Investment in Solar Power

The sun’s energy stirs up atoms in solar materials, and creates electrical charges that are drawn off as electricity. The most efficient kinds of solar panel materials are called photovoltaic. At Harmon Solar, we use advanced photovoltaic solar products for installations on residential and commercial structures.

In Tucson, Arizona, real estate investors wanted to save on energy bills and improve the value of an investment property. The investors had avoided the pitfalls in the recent mortgage crises, and found themselves in the enviable position to improve their properties. They hoped that with the energy savings from installing solar products, they might also be able to afford to expand their investments.

Our Harmon Solar professionals went to the property to provide a free estimate. They explained the special rebates, tax incentives and credits that were available to those who purchase solar power systems. They also offered a leasing option that greatly reduced the up-front costs and allowed the home to become instantly profitable from the energy savings.

Our Harmon Solar professionals determined how much solar panel equipment the Tucson, Arizona, residence needed. Our efficient photovoltaic solar panels provide about 1 kW of energy per 100 square feet of solar collection. The structure would need 525 square feet of solar panels to provide over 11,000 kWh of solar power and almost $1,400 of savings per year.

The investors decided to purchase the solar panel equipment. They would save on utility bills and increase the value of their investment, plus gain the incentives for owning the solar power systems. From an initial estimate of total cost near $29,000, the net cost was a very economical $6,014. This solar panel cost would be recovered very quickly.

After the installation, the owners were so please with the job that they decided to upgrade other properties as well. They again hired Harmon Solar for their expertise, fine workmanship, and excellent service. If you want to learn about the benefits of solar power, contact Harmon Solar. Our skilled estimators will show you how to make the most of your residence, both as a home and investment.