Discount Solar Energy Installations

Nearly every industry is in a price bidding war right now. Amazing deals are to be had at every turn: Dinner for two at a gourmet restaurant for $39. A sea of clothing racks where everything is $6.99. Free admission to museum and zoo exhibits. A solar system for $.10 per kilowatt. Okay, I made that last one up. However, it seems as if businesses are doing anything they can right now to keep customers in the door, even if it means practically giving their product or service away. I understand why we are in a bidding war, but I’m concerned with the discount centric culture in which we’ve become. As a consumer, the bargain basement deals certainly make life easier. However, I also wonder if these dirt cheap prices are really helping businesses stay afloat, or if they are hurting them. Overpaying for goods and services is not necessary, but underpaying is not going to help anyone either. Consumers are becoming accustomed to getting everything at a discount, and businesses are going to continue losing money. Large ticket items are not immune to the bidding wars either, including solar systems. Solar companies, just like the restaurant next door are forced to undervalue their product just to stay in the game. It’s unfortunate, but that is the way of the World right now. Solar companies and other businesses have to hope that in the long run consumers will value them for more than the lowest price tag. When the dust settles, nobody is going to remember who had the best sale. Quality, integrity, constituency, and reliability are all things that keep consumers coming back, and with an investment like a solar energy system, these are worth paying for.

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