Solar-Powered Wind Chimes

Add Beauty and Eco-Friendly Light to Your Space

I have fond memories from my childhood of sitting on the back patio at night watching Monsoon storms roll in. One thing that is vivid about that memory is the sound of a wind chime that hung from the awning. Until the wind blew, I would almost forget the wind chime was there. Its soft jingle in the darkness was a beacon of the change in weather that was about to come. My fondness for wind chimes has never gone away, and I’m always on the lookout for one that is worthy of a place on my back patio. While shopping online at Target, I came across an unusual wind chime, a solar wind chime. Intrigued and confused, I clicked on the product to figure out what a solar wind chime is. Simply by the name, I thought maybe the sun powers the wind chime, causing it to chime. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would need a wind chime that is “powered” by anything other than the wind. However, after reading the product description for the solar wind chime, I realized my assumption was wrong. The solar wind chime has a decorative disc at the top that absorbs sunlight during the day, so the wind chime glows at night. It’s possible there is someone out there who has a similar story to mine, but rather than listening to their wind chime, they like to watch it as the storm rolls in. In that case, then this glow-in-the-dark, solar wonder is for you (and it comes in several styles). Personally, as much as I love things that are powered by the sun, this is one item I’m okay if it disappears into the darkness, as long as it doesn’t do so quietly.

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