Fall Protection – Equipment and Systems for Solar Installations

Most Solar panel systems are normally installed on the roof of either residential or commercial properties. This is not to say you cannot have a Solar System on the ground, it is just typical to have them on the roof. With this being said, when working on a roof there is potential exposure to fall hazards, and to avoid these hazards there must be Fall Protection Equipment and Systems that are to be used and followed according to OSHA’s standard 1926.502. The three most common (primary) methods of Fall Protection are guardrails, safety netting, and personal fall arrest systems.

The OSHA fall protection rule also lists other (secondary) systems and equipment you can use in certain situations. They are safety monitoring, warning lines, positioning devices, and controlled access zones. Here at Harmon Electric, we typically use one of two types of fall protection, and they would be, Personal Fall Arrest, and Safety Monitoring System. Our personal fall arrest system consists of an anchorage, connectors, harness, and lanyard, it may also include a deceleration device, lifeline, or suitable combination of them all. Our safety monitoring system consists of a warning line – a warning line must be erected around all sides of the roof work area, and consists of rope or wire, and supporting stanchion.

Safety Director