Harmon Electric & Harmon Solar Help Habitat for Humanity in Arizona

Habitat for Humanity Family

Harmon Electric and Harmon Solar had the pleasure of installing a photovoltaic solar energy system on a home for Habitat for Humanity of central Arizona. Harmon Electric and Harmon Solar provided the supplies and materials, plus the manpower to install the $10,800 solar system. This is the third system the company has donated to Habitat for Humanity. Last year, Harmon Solar committed to being a solar partner for Habitat for Humanity Desert Foothills. Recently the Desert Foothills affiliate of Habitat for Humanity joined the Central Arizona affiliate to increase their service reach. Harmon Solar is committed to continuing the partnership with the organization to provide clean, green energy for their homes.

The 2.7 kW system required 12 solar panels, and it should save the homeowner, Jennifer, a single mother of six, approximately $500 a year on energy costs. A team of 13 employees from the company spent a Saturday morning volunteering their time to install the solar panels. A special thanks to R&R Engineering, Specialty Roofing, and Brown Wholesale for donating materials for the project!