How Much Money Can You Save With Solar Energy?

If you’re here in Arizona, you’re living in one of the best areas in the country for solar energy!  Solar is is being adopted in Arizona at a phenomenal rate.  Along with favorable net metering policies,  new improvements in solar panel efficiency  and creative finance mechanisms solar energy can be a significant money-saver for  many Arizonans!

Solar Power Will Save You Money In Many Ways

1 – Low -Or NO- Upfront Costs

In many cases – depending on credit history – you can now get solar panels installed on a monthly lease with little or no money down.  This includes a set monthly rate, guaranteed by contract, so you escape the price fluctuations of our dwindling petroleum supplies.

2 – Federal / State Tax Credits

Federal tax credits of 30% of the installation cost are available as well as an Arizona tax credit of 10% capped at $1,000.00, making solar more affordable.

3 – Net Metering

During certain times of the year  your solar system will produce more energy than your home needs.  If that occurs, the extra power is moved onto the power grid, and you get to use that energy later and not pay for itd.

Want To See The Savings For Yourself?

Obviously, a blog can’t tell you specifically what your savings would be…that’s where our free solar consultation comes inGive us a call and one of our solar professional can  give you a personalized estimate of your savings.Contact Harmon Solar at any time to discuss zero-down solar power !