How Much Money Can You Save With Solar Energy?

If you’re here in Arizona, you’re living in one of the best areas in the country for solar energy! The amount of sunshine we get here in the desert is astronomical (no pun intended) which makes our state the equivalent of an energy powerhouse like the Persian Gulf in terms of untapped wealth to be harvested.

How Much Can You Save With Solar Energy?

Solar Power Will Save You Money In Many Ways

This is no secret, public policy has been shifting in this direction as solar is being adopted in Arizona at a phenomenal rate. The beauty of this is that you have an opportunity to make this work for you and your family. Along with favorable net metering policies, new trends in solar installation, improvements in solar panel efficiency, and creative finance mechanisms, solar energy can be a significant money-saver for many Arizonans. Before we dive in to how much you can save with solar, you should understand how much solar costs and how that will come back to you in terms of an investment.

1. Low -Or NO- Upfront Costs

In many cases – depending on credit history – you can now get solar panels installed on a monthly lease with little or no money down. This includes a set monthly rate, guaranteed by contract, so you escape the price fluctuations of our dwindling petroleum supplies. Even with a no money down option, these contracts are constructed to guarantee that you pay less monthly than you already do for energy from your utility, making a solar installation an almost no brainer as far as whether you should or should not go for it.

2. Federal / State Tax Credits

Federal tax credits of 30% of the installation cost are available as well as an Arizona tax credit of 10% capped at $1,000, making solar more affordable. Be warned though, approach this decision with a sense of urgency. These tax incentives will not last much longer for initial installs. The solar market has proved itself sustainable and very attractive so its need to be subsidized is evaporating quickly, so act fast!

3. Net Metering

One of the most important things to understand about going solar in Arizona is the process of net metering. We have some incredibly beneficial policies regarding its implementation which gives us yet another advantage over other locales when factoring solar power. During most of the year here in the southwestern United States, your solar system will produce more energy than your home needs. When that occurs, the excess power your panels produced will return to the power grid. When your panels are not producing, such as a cloudy monsoon prone day or during the night, this energy will be returned to you. This makes sure you won’t have to supplement your needs with the more costly energy produced by your utility.

Want To See The Savings For Yourself?

Obviously, a blog can’t tell you specifically what your savings would be…that’s where our free solar consultation comes in. Your system will be tailored specifically to your needs, your consumption, and the actual structure you would like to install a solar energy system on. Our design will maximize your production and savings. Give us a call at (800) 281-3189 and one of our solar professionals can give you a personalized estimate of your savings. Contact Harmon Solar at any time to discuss zero-down solar power!