Latest Trends in Solar Installation

Solar panel installations are booming across America! Once upon a time, this technology was seen as too difficult expensive for everyday people, but those times are past. Current trends in solar are pointing in one clear direction:  More solar, at lower prices, especially here in Arizona!

Not surprisingly, of course, Arizonans are buying a lot of solar panels. We’re the third fastest-adopting state in the nation, behind only Texas and California. Those beautiful desert skies are perfect for a solar installation, and now may be the time!

Consumer-Focused Trends In Solar Panels 

1 – Pay-As-You-Go Leasing

The up-front costs of solar used to be a problem, but not any more. Solar leasing allows consumers to add panels to their home for  no money down. The energy purchased through the solar lease is less expensive than the energy from the Utility.

Even better, when you lease, the leasing company takes responsibility for maintenance and oversight as well, bringing even more value to the equation!

2 – Maintenance-Free Usage

Solar cells today are far more robust and resilient than most technology. Solar panels have no moving parts, and are built using weather-resistant metal and glass which can hold up against all but the worst forms of weather. 

Solar is becoming increasingly attractive thanks to this, keeping the total cost of ownership extremely low, and the ROI extremely high.

3 – Net Metering

Arizona’s net metering policies are another reason why solar is so attractive in our state. How net metering  works is simple: If you produce more solar power during the day than you use, the excess energy goes onto the power grid, and you get credit for it.

So, after a highly productive day, you could draw back that excess generated power at night, without paying for it.

Is It Time For Solar?

If you’re ready for a solar panel installation, Harmon can help!  Contact us today for a free solar consultation!