How to Choose a Solar Installer

When considering solar for your home or business, it’s beneficial to explore your options to find the installer that best meets your needs. Over the past twenty years, the industry has exploded with solar companies due to increased public awareness of the advantages of renewable energy and the lowering cost of solar power. Most solar installers specialize in different types of solar, whether it be commercial, residential, on or off-grid, or for heating. It is important to identify what you would like to get out of your solar panels.

How to Choose a Solar Installer in Arizona

What to Look for in an Installer

Residential solar has never been more accessible to homeowners than it is today. When choosing a solar installer in Arizona, local companies like Harmon Solar are the best way to go. National companies may not be as in tune with local architecture in a way that a local company that deals with it routinely would be. This means their installation process may not be compatible with your roof, or they may be unwilling to work with your setup at all.

Some companies take a “one size fits all” approach that does not provide you a custom solar panel system tailored to your needs. Whether you have purchased a system or are leasing one, it’s important that your panels are installed by a NABCEP certified technician. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (or NABCEP) is the credentialing body for solar installers. 

For commercial solar installs, one must keep cost-effectiveness in mind. If proper research is not done, you may lose out on bigger savings that will hurt your profit margins down the line. As with any business, some solar companies charge more for installation and operating costs. Choosing the company that has a reasonable pricepoint, while still providing the best service and equipment should be priority number one. 

Quality is Key During Solar Installations

You wouldn’t let an inexperienced builder with poor materials construct your home, and you shouldn’t let anyone but a certified structural engineer install your solar panel system. To prevent potential damage to your roof or your panels, make sure your installer is using materials that meet the highest standards in the solar industry. When it comes to the install itself, an improperly installed system could even be a hazard to your home or business. Make sure you’re well versed on the solar installation process so that you are armed with the information you need to properly research.

Something worth looking into when examining your options: where are the installer’s panels manufactured? Some solar companies use inferior panels that are not only unreliable but that do not produce up to the current standards of efficiency. Inquiring on this could save you from headaches in the future.

Broken Solar Panels

Broken solar panels from an improperly installed system.

Find the Best Overall Deal

These days, just about anyone can afford a solar panel system. There are many solar tax credits available such as The Solar Investment Tax Credit (the ITC) and in Arizona specifically, the Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption. These incentives are making solar a more viable option for most people. If outright purchasing isn’t on the table, look at lease-to-own options that can have payments spread out over many years. These arrangements offer a great return on investment and don’t break the bank, for any application. 

Since solar power is an investment, it is best to find out what warranties are available to protect that investment. Compare warranty duration and the fine print between companies to guarantee the best choice. Dive into financing options and weed out the non-competitive rates among local solar providers, you may be surprised by the difference in price.

Remember, no matter what your solar project is, you want quality, reliability, and professionalism for the installation of your solar panel system. Call the professionals at Harmon Solar at (800) 281-3189 to discuss your options and see what would work best for you and your family or your business.