Most Solar Energy Users Do a Lease: Here’s Why

Adding solar panels to your roof used to represent a big investment. The only way to do it was to pay all the upfront costs by yourself. Traditional home equity loans are still available if you have equity available and can be a good option.

However, today there’s another option: the solar lease. Most people are familiar with leasing a car. You can avoid the big down payment and make easy monthly payments. It’s a similar set up for solar panel leases.

With a lease you may pay a down payment or in some cases nothing at all to have the solar panels installed on your roof. You pay the leasing company a monthly fee for your solar equipment. That fee is usually considerably lower than what most people pay for electricity each month

In addition to great savings on your electric bill, a solar lease offers peace of mind. The solar company owns the solar panels, the roof mounting rack and the wiring. They are responsible for maintenance and performance of the system. You don’t have to become a solar panel expert.

Many companies offer apps for your smartphone and tablet so you can monitor your energy production and let them know of any problems.

For peace of mind, work with a reputable local solar installer like Harmon Solar. The company has been doing business in the community since 1975. They’re your neighbors and friends, not some company rolling into town for a quick sale. Harmon Solar offers turnkey solar leasing programs. All you have to think about is saving money on your electric bill.