No Solar Panels Needed to Use Solar Oven

So, I was doing some research online to find out the status of the solar energy bill, SB 1043. During my research I was sidetracked by a random solar energy item, solar ovens[featured_img]. What in the world is a solar oven? Well, the name is fairly self explanatory and takes living energy efficiently to a whole new level. For under $150, you use a small, 10 pound contraption to capture the sun’s rays and cook your food, much like a slow cooker. My initial reaction was that it seemed like a bit of a nuisance, but after further pondering, for Arizonans in particular it actually makes sense. Use the sun to cook your food. Seems like a no brainer since most of us ban our ovens during the scorching summer months. This inexpensive device would allow you to enjoy homemade cookies, pizza, and even baked chicken, without heating up the house and without using a single watt of electricity. Pretty amazing! Who knows, it’s even interesting enough that you may get your kids involved in cooking dinner! The solar oven is also promoted as a necessary addition to your survival kit. Maybe that’s a topic for another day, since I don’t have anything in my home resembling a survival kit. If you’re curious about solar ovens, do a quick internet search. You’ll find a ton of recipes and there’s even a solar oven society, so converts can band together and cook to their hearts content. Oh’¦and in case you were wondering, the solar energy bill was passed by lawmakers but hasn’t been signed by the governor.

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