Saving on Utility Bills – Back to the Good Ol’ Days?

So, the price of electricity got you down? In these times, many of us are reticent on breaking open our piggy banks. There are options for the brave; options that may seem steep at first but will decrease your dependence on outside energy sources to nothing. Move to the forest and live with nature. In the Arizona heat, that does sound like just the ticket. This drastic approach may appeal to some people. I know the notion of being self-sufficient would appeal to all who own their own home or want to. You also don’t need to move to the sticks to do this.

What do you need to consider in going completely green? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when supplying your own energy needs. Solar Panels. Yes, Harmon Solar can do a fine job of installing any panels you want. To be self-sufficient, we can design a system that keeps all the energy you produce in your home. You can run your cabin in the pines including lights, computers, televisions, and a host of other items by utilizing more solar panels to capture the bright Arizona sun.

Collecting and storing energy can also be achieved with a private windmill. There are many small and considerable quiet models available. Even with sporadic winds, you can charge your batteries by harnessing every available source.

Another thing to consider in Arizona is water. Your home or cabin will also need a method to capture the scant rain and condensation to be found. A collection and storage method is a must. The sun can also be utilized to heat the water for your use. With temperatures in the shade reaching the triple digits, harnessing that power for your use is a very reasonable idea.

Yes, all these systems will require an investment in thought, time and money. You will reap the benefit of absolutely no electricity or water bills ever again. In good times and bad, that will always be something you can rely on, just like Harmon Electric and Harmon Solar.

Vice President of Construction