Oro Valley, Arizona Residential Homeowner Takes Advantage of Pre-Paid Lease Option and Installs Solar Panels

Solar energy is being used by many homeowners across the country as a means to help them save money on their energy bills. Solar energy is created through the use of solar panels that are usually placed on rooftops. Solar panels can be placed on almost any type of roof and need approximately 100 square feet for every kilowatt of energy produced. The solar panels are professionally installed and will not cause damage to your roof. Each solar panel works by collecting the sun’s rays during the daytime hours and then converts those rays into usable energy for your house. These solar panel units can be either purchased or leased and then installed on your roof.

An Oro Valley, Arizona resident wanted to have solar panels placed on his residential house’s roof in hopes of reducing his energy costs. He called our Harmon Solar office to ask for a free home evaluation. After the evaluation of his s-tile roof, it was determined that 1,200 square feet would be needed to install the solar panel unit, which equates to 12 kilowatts of energy. After discussing the different payment options, he chose to use our prepaid lease option because it required him to have less money upfront than purchasing them. The resident was happy with how quickly and professionally our Harmon Solar technicians were able to install the solar panels on his roof. He was glad to learn that Harmon Solar uses photovoltaic solar panels due to their efficiency.

The total solar panel cost for the homeowner was $22,644, which will generate 26,367 kilowatt hours per year. The OroValleyArizonahomeowner has seen an annual energy savings of $3,245, which means that the solar panels could pay for themselves in less than seven years. Contact our team today and find out how your home can benefit from having a solar panel installed.